Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology and Samsung Electronics Vietnam Ltd., officially signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in 2014 and which covers diferent aspects of university activities related to education, research and mobile devices innovation for students. This coopration program was presented in the framework of  “Samsung Talent Program” (STP) which promotes Samsung’s university-industry partnership to develop high quality human resources in research and development of mobile devices. In order to leveraging and continuing the program success in the previous cooperation period, the two parnters has discussed and agree to reach a mutual interest in extending the Cooperation Memorandum to the next 3 years from 2018 – 2020, in which the following activities are focused on:

  • STP Scholarship

Samsung provide scholarships for final-year students in the faculties of Information Technology, Multimedia, Electronics Engineering and Telecommunications of PTIT who meet the selecting criteria of STP. Awarded students will have an opportunity to participate in courses on development of Java and Android application on mobile and Korean language training courses. Further, they will be arranged for an internship course at Samsung R&D Center and be supervised to complete their final graduating project. After graduation, they will have the right and responsibility for working at least 24 months for Samsung.

  • STP Lab

Samsung sponsor a lab on mobile application research at PTIT campus, consisting of computers, projectors, screens, tables, chairs and related equipment with the capacity accommodating 40 students studying and working at the same time.

  • Collaboration projects

PTIT and Samsung will implement collaboration research projects on mobile technology. After the Agreement is in effect, approved research project is conducted by PTIT research/lecturers and necessary mobile devices for project research purposes usage only. Exact fund for actual project will be determined based on ech actual project proposal later.

  • STP curriculum:

A training program on Java and Android apps development for mobile will be cooperatively developed by PTIT and Samsung as selective courses of PTIT’s curriculum. Students who choose to study these selective courses will be funded the tuition fee by Samsung and have the priority to be recruited at Samsung after graduation.

  • STP curriculum:

PTIT will make all efforts to disseminate scholarship and recruitment news of Samsung to students on various hcannels such as bulletin board, website, forums, facebook etc…, and actively support Samsung in recruitment activities.