General information

Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology was established under Decision No. 516-TTg dated July 11, 1997 on the basis of the rearrangement of four members of Vietnam National Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT). The Institute applies Research, Training, Manufacturing and Trading principles to underlie the objectives of training future masters of intellectual economy and creating high quality products for Vietnam industrialization and modernization.

In 2014, PTIT was upgraded  to be the member of Ministry of Information and Communication of Vietnam (MIC) to deserve its contribution to the modernization and industrialization of the national society. This said-above change is considered as a bright marking point to develop PTIT further in every aspect of its operations in the future.

Since its establishment, PTIT has made continuous efforts to overcome challenges of a new university model and nowadays PTIT affirms its status in the domestic and international region through its teaching and research quality. PTIT is so proud to be a common home of more than 20.000 students and 800 lectures and staffs who have been working to 03 Research Institutes, 02 Training Centers and 02 university campuses (in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City).