Research Labs

  1. Machine Learning and Applications Lab (MLAL)

Machine Learning and Applications Lab (MLAL) is specialized in developing machine learning systems that learn from data and improve with experience. We are interested in all aspects of machine learning, but as the Lab’s name suggests, our research puts more emphasis on applications of machine learning in different real-life problems.

The MLAL research is linked to a broad range of application domains, such as:

Bioinformatics: sequence analysis; gene expression and regulatory networks.

Ubiquitous computing: human activity recognition; human behavior monitoring; pervasive healthcare; context-aware computing.

Natural Language Processing: legal text processing; social media text processing; discourse processing; paraphrasing; sentiment analysis and opinion mining.

Information Filtering: recommender systems, collaborative filtering; hybrid recommendation; recommendations for online forums; contextual advertising.

Pattern recognition: object detection and categorization from still images and videos.

Research results include methods and software for analyzing genomic data, natural language understanding, text/Web mining, human activity recognition, recommender systems, recognizing objects from still images and videos, just to name a few.

Lab Director: Prof. Tu Minh Phuong

  1. PTIT x NAVER AI Lab 

PTIT x NAVER AI Lab is interested in the investigation and development of AI models and a wide range of AI applications and Bigdata. Particularly we focusses on:

-Deep Learning for Heterogeneous data: multiple data stream analysis & processing; hierarchical fusion models.

-Ubiquitous and context computing: human activity recognition; human behavior monitoring; pervasive healthcare.

-Edge computing: knowledge distillation; federated learning.

-Computer vision: multiple object detection and tracking; human activity recognition, driver’s behaviour monitoring.

-Deep Learning for the Internet of Things: smart wearables, smart kitchen, and smart homes.

Lab Director: Assoc. Prof. Pham Van Cuong

  1. Cyber Security Lab (CSL)

Cyber Security Lab is specialized in research and development of solutions and systems for ensuring the security of information, computer systems and networks. Specifically, our lab’s major research domains are:

-Detection methods of attacks and intrusions on web applications, computer network systems;

-Malware analysis, detection and prevention; techniques for investigation, tracking malware.

-Solutions and systems for enhancing the security of information, computer systems and networks.

– Testing, Evaluating information security. Development of environment for simulation, experiments, exercises/practices. Development of information security tools.

Lab Director: Dr. Hoang Xuan Dau

  1. Blockchain Lab (BL)

Blockchain technology has the characteristic of establishing a decentralized distribution network by making use of P2P technology and public key cryptography on the Internet. As a distributed ledger that provides assurance of no falsification, the blockchain technology is applicable other than virtual currency.
Blockchain Lab is specialized for research on popular and typical blockchain models belonging to 2 types: Public Blockchain and Hyper Ledger. Other research fields are:

– Building some new consensus algorithms

– Building smart contracts and dApps

– Transparent, decentralized traceability system for the supply chain

Lab Director: Dr. Dang Minh Tuan

  1. Laboratory of Applied Mathematics and Computing (LAMC)

The Laboratory of Applied Mathematics and Computing (LAMC) is a research center in applied mathematics and computing. It was established in 2014 by Assoc. Prof. Pham Ngoc Anh. The main research activities of LAMC are:

Mathematical models.

Optimization: Theory and algorithm.

Computing and applications.

Lab Director:  Assoc. Prof. Pham Ngoc Anh

  1. Wireless Communication Laboratory (WCL)

The main research of WCL include wireless communications and information theory with current emphasis on MIMO systems, cooperative and cognitive communications, physical layer security, and energy harvesting. Our research aims at:

– Theoretical performance analysis for determining network/system/algorithm/protocol fundamental performance limits

– Design and experimentation of practical and efficient networks/systems/algorithms/protocols that approach such ultimate limits.

Lab Director:  Assoc. Prof. Vo Nguyen Quoc Bao