Our success is underpinned by our ability to forge strong partnerships with individuals, institutions and organizations world-wide. These partnerships create opportunities for research and training collaborations by bringing together the best minds and practices to address critical issues of national and global importance and deliver outcomes with maximum impact.

PTIT has developed extensive and practical cooperation programs with a number of education, science & technology organizations for the improvement of the international training to a new level: Comprehensiveness, Innovation, Diversity and Equality; and has actually become a reliable and attractive destination for investment and cooperation in the science education community.

Some typical cooperation activities:

Cooperation in Research work

  • Joint research and development programs
  • Exchange of Experts
  • Co-organization of international conferences, forums, workshops & seminars
  • Joint publication

Cooperation in Education

  • International Joint Academic Programs 2+2, 3+1
  • Exchange of Students
  • Exchange of Lecturers
  • Exchange of learning materials and lesson plans

Other international cooperation projects