Vision – Mission


To develop PTIT to become a key national university for HR training in Information and Communication Technology (ICT); a modern scientific research center and a reliable and prestigious  organization for society as well as domestic and international enterprises.


As a leading university in Information and Communication Technology, our missions are:

✓Combining the scientific research with education and training to meet the development trends and practical demands of business activities of organizations, enterprises and society;

✓ Providing highly qualified, enthusiastic, and dedicated human resources preparing students for success in the international labor market; and contributing to the development of Information and Communication sector of Vietnam.

Core values

✓ We always make the best efforts and persistences strive for a social justice in Education and Training.

✓ We have increasingly developed values seek the development of ICT applications with the aim of contributing to improving the social life society with the progress and power of Technology.

✓ We determine believe that innovation has been always been a foundation and source leverage of the PTIT’s development.