Journal of Science and Technology on Information and Communications

ISSN: 2525-2224

Journal of Science and Technology on Information and Communications (JSTIC) by Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology is a specialized journal with independent criticism of the scientific works score stipulated by the State Professor Title Council, 0 – 0.5; published periodically 04 times per year under License No 697/GP-BTTTT dated 21/12/2015 issued by Ministry of Information and Communications.

Editorial Board is pleased to announce and invite domestic and foreign scientists, lecturers, researchers, postgraduates, students to write and to send unpublished research paper for Journal on following topics (but not limited to):

  • RF & Microwave Communications, Cognitive Radio, MIMO/OFDM, Optics Networking, Signal Processing, Fiber-Optics Communications, Adaptive Antennas, Channel Models.
  • Mobile & Wireless Communications, Cooperative Communications and applications, Underwater Communications, NGN 4G/5G, Mobile Applications.
  • Internet Technology, Mobile Internet, IoT, M2M, Local & Personal Networks, Software Defined Networks, Network Applications.
  • Ubiquitous Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Ad hoc Networks, M2M, Sensors, Smart Networks.
  • Control Systems, Nano-Technology, Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture, IC-Design, Micro-Controller, Electronics applications,  Electronics Devices, SOC, SIP, IP.
  • Information & Network Security, Network Monitoring, Cryptography, Security Technology, Web/Data/Application Security, Forensics, Security Evaluation, GPS& Location-based Systems.
  • Distributed & Cloud Computing, Webservices, SW Engineering, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Big Data, Expert Systems, Artificial Inteligence.
  • Network Programming, Protocols, Data Comm., QoS, Network Performance/ Management, System Modelling & Simulation.
  • Communication Theories, Control & Automation, Decision Making, Fuzzy Logics, Queueing Systems, Optimization, Complex Systems.
  • Speech and Image Processing, Coding/Encoding Techniques, Computer Vision, Virtual Reality, Computer Graphics, Multimedia Technology.

Submission schedule

  • Published periodically 04 times / year, in April, July, October And December
  • The average review time is about two months

Submission system

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