Meaning of PTIT’s logo



Cube of Logo

  • Logo of the Institute shows the best image on the Institute. Logo Block of Institute includes circle and square. According to Asian concept, circle symbolizes the permanent existence of nature and sufficiency, prosperity and development. In Asian philosophy’s view, this logo shows basic relationship: Nature (circle) – Land (square) – Human (Institute); and Institute is central. Structure of open logo demonstrates a close association to the reality, society and ever-more development.
  • Three circles blend with and switch over each other, which shows 3 associations: Training-Research-Manufacture and Business
  • The image of open book and model of atomic structure show 2 main operations of the Institute, namely training and research
  • PTIT (Posts & Telecoms Institute of Technology for short) stands for Posts (P), Telecommunications (T) and Information Technology (IT) are 3 training and research fields of PTIT

Color of logo:

  • In the Logo of Institute, red is used as main color and golden star symbolizes Vietnam National Flag