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Awarding certificates to PTIT students who successfully complete the applied algorithm course in 2019 supported by Samsung
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Recently, the Vietnam Association of Information Technology Software and Services Association (VINASA) and the APICTA Awards Organizing Committee have reviewed, evaluated and agreed to select 06 nominees from the category of students that will represent Vietnam to participate in the final round of the APICTA 2019 International Award. The theme “Demonstration of A Recognition Application based on YOLO model using NVIDIA Jetson TX2 board” by students of the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology Institute in Ho Chi Minh City Minh has successfully passed many other competitions from many universities and institutes throughout the country to attend the final round.

The team representing PTIT includes 2 final year students Nguyen Hoai Nam and Dao My Lien from the Faculty of Telecommunications 2 at Ho Chi Minh City campus with the subject under the guidance of Dr. Nguyen Duc Phuc and Assoc.Prof. Dr. Vo Nguyen Quoc Bao, with research equipment funding from NVIDIA GPU Grant program of NVIDIA for research related to artificial intelligence application (AI) and machine learning for universities and research institutes around the world.

Students Nguyen Hoai Nam and Dao My Lien checking their products and reporting to the final round at the Internet of Things Lab (IoTSLAB)

Nguyen Hoai Nam, the captain of the contest team, said: “I am very happy and surprised that the topic of the group was chosen to represent Vietnam to attend the final of a prestigious regional award such as APICTA. With about a month to go to the final of the awards, I and my team will try our best to prepare the product and report to get the best results in this competition.”


APICTA Awards are prestigious international awards organized by the Asia-Pacific Association of Information Technology Organizations (APICTA) since 2001 to recognize the

products, software solutions, IT and start-up projects. businesses … excellence of member countries / economies, supporting business development in the region and internationally. The APICTA award will be awarded for outstanding nominations in five key areas (Consumer; Inclusions and Community Services; Industrial; Business Services and Public Sector and Government), 2 additional fields (R&D and Startups) and 3 areas of technology (Big data analytics, IoT and AI). The award consists of 3 activities: selecting outstanding nominations from member countries, submitting online applications and giving presentations directly to the international evaluation committee.

The final round is expected to take place from 18-22 /11/2019 in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province with the participation of nearly 1,000 delegates from 16 countries and member economies of APICTA.

More information about APICTA 2019 awards can be reached at: