At PTIT, we are commited to achieving excelence in research and in ensuring that our research contributes to the well-being of society. Up to present, we have been operating a system of key laboratories of modern technologies with over 10 labs including Machine Learning and Applications Lab, Information Sercurity Lab, Radio Systems and Applications Lab, Applied Mathematics and Computation Lab, Radio Information Lan, Data and Smart Systems Lab, Digital Economy Lab, Digital Postal Lab, Smart Connection Network Lab and Electronics and Intelligent Control Lab. In which, many key labs are our joint research with industry such as NAVER, Samsung, FPT, Viettel, Lumi, Rang Dong and OCG.


  • Viettel Lab was awarded as a complete 4G LTE system that allows to provide a full range of basis service of the 4G mobile telecommunications network.
  • Viettel Lab is the first and only complete 4G LTE network lab in Vietnam equipped for a university to serve research and teaching
  • This Lab awarding comes from the need of PTIT and the inititive of the Minister of Information and Communications
  • Viettel Lab is developed with the expectation that it will help improve the efficiency of research and teaching, in order to close the gap between theory and practice, education and business.
  • Viettel Lab is managed by the Faculty of Telecommunications 1, PTIT


  • Samsung Lab is sponsored by Samsung on mobile application research at PTIT Hanoi Campus
  •  Samsung Lab consists of computers, projectors, screes, tables, chairs and related equipment with the capacity accommoding a larger number of students studying and working at the same time
  • Samsung Lab is developed under the cooperation program between PTIT and Samsung Electronics Vietnam Ltd., which covers different aspects of university activities related to education, research and mobile devices innovation for students
  • PTIT-Samsung cooperation program was presented in the framework of “Samsung Talent Program” (STP) which promotes Samsung’s university-industry partnership to develop high quality human resources in research and development of mobile devices
  • Samsung Lab is manged by the Faculty of Information Technology 1. PTIT


PTITxNAVER AI Lab is interested in the investigation and development of AI models and a wide range of AI applications and Big Data. Particularly we focus on:

  • Deep Learning for Heterogenous data: multiple data stream analysis & processing; hierarchical fusion models
  • Ubiquitoring and context computing: human activity recognition; human behavior monitoring; pervasive healcare
  • Edge computing: knowledge distillation; federated learning
  • Computer vision: multple object detection and tracking; human activity recognition, driver’s behaviour monitoring
  • Deep Learning for the Internet of Thing: smart wearables, smart kitchen, and smart homes