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Top ten excellent students from Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology were selected to participate in the gPBL (Global Project Based Learning) program in Japan from February 27, 2023 to March 11, 2023. It is the 6th year of cooperation program among Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT), Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) and CO-WELL Asia company.

The theme of this year’s program is “AI: Face image recognition”, thereby aiming to promote research and technology development to apply to customers in the daily life. The program is divided into 2 main phases: Phase 1 is an intensive training session on Python as well as AI – Face image recognition – at CO-WELL Asia (Hanoi). The top 10 best students were selected to participate in the phase 2 in Japan to research and defend a practical topic about AI technology for the face recognition in controlling people entering and exiting a secure room.


In the frame of program in Japan, 10 students of PTIT and 10 students of SIT were divided into 4 groups, conducting research activities on the same topic under the guidance of trainers who are experts at CO-WELL Asia and professors at SIT. After 2 weeks, groups participated in the examination of system solutions and results presentation. Besides academic activities, students also had the opportunity to memorably experience Japanese culture as well as visit CO-WELL Asia’s office.


The gPBL program is a program within the framework of activities to support Japan-ASEAN economic-industrial cooperation with the goal of developing human resources through cooperation with Japanese enterprises. Accordingly, Shibaura Institute of Technology will be the partner in charge of organizing and sponsoring activities under the PBL program.


Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) was established in 1927 in Tokyo, Japan, focusing on research and training in the fields including electricity, electronics and information technology. With the aim focusing on practices, SIT has trained many engineers and researchers to become effective human resources for Japanese enterprises.

The gPBL program has been implemented at Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology since 2017 and has achieved many positive results. Accordingly, the program has awarded more than 40 gPBL scholarships to PTIT students to exchange in Japan, which creats opportunities for them to experience practices and be recruited to work in an international environment. In particular, the number of students participating in the gPBL program in recent years has contributed significantly to the improvement of the exchange student index of PTIT.

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