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After 2 months of launching, the P-Start up 2022 competition has received the enthusiastic response and participation of students with more than 20 teams registering for the competition, the Organizing Committee has found 6 teams to excellently enter the final round with creative and meaningful solutions.

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The competition “Public start-up ideas” (P-Start up) is an annual competition organized by PTIT to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation among students, equip students with knowledge and skills about entrepreneurship during training at PTIT, encourage, seek and support student startup projects. At the same time, the competition creates an environment for students to actively learn through practice, learn through research, experience and arouse the aspiration of starting a business and starting a business for PTIT students.

The competition was launched on October 7, 2022, quickly attracted 26 teams from different training disciplines such as IT, Electrical – Electronics, Telecommunications, Multimedia, Marketing, Business Administration, etc. The teams showed initiative and creativity through various startup ideas towards the theme “AI For Life”.

Going through the preliminary rounds, the organizers selected 11 ideas from the teams that continued to participate in the voting round held through the Youth Union page of the PTIT. This round has attracted hundreds of shares and interactions on social networks, information about ideas has been reached to nearly 10,000 viewers, 6 ideas from the best teams have entered the general round.

Before the competition rounds, the organizers also organized training sessions on how to explain the project, how to design, present ideas and in-depth training sessions with the participation of teachers and experts from different countries with successful start-up business. The training sessions attracted the participation of all candidates, the competition teams actively exchanged and improved their skills and expertise to perfect their competition ideas.

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On the final round day, the jury including heads of functional departments and faculties of PTIT and leaders/founders from startup enterprises, especially the representative from Naver- an important sponsor and organiser, selected the best teams including:

– 01 best startup idea award went to the A.L.I.S team with a solution to remove barriers to information access for the deaf by integrating AI software into the online platform.

– 01 award for start-up ideas with breakthrough technology is Crossmind team with an emotion recognition solution that combines sound and image using AI.

– 02 prizes for meaningful start-up ideas for society belong to A.L.I.S team and PTIT.CNH team with AI software solution that detects individual’s indiscriminate littering behavior.

– 03 potential prizes belong to: GLIFE with Game Home – Game Designer training system for beginners; The children of the library with Focus Time – a place for absolute concentration, a library for all ages; LiveSmarter – a “smart home” model with new and more special solutions.