GOOGLE sponsored more than 2.5 billion VND for PTIT’s students to join the program “Grow with Google Accelerate Vietnam Digital Talent”

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Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology has collaborated with the National Innovation Center – Ministry of Planning and Investment and Google Corporation in order to deploy the program “Grow with Google Accelerate Vietnam Digital Talent”. Accordingly, 655 PTIT’s students have registered and received 2.5 billion VND in scholarships for online courses designed by Google, trained on the Coursera system for 12 months

The program’s courses include: Data Analysis (Data Analytics), Information Technology Technical Support (IT Supports), Project Management (Project Management) and UX Design (UX Design). After completing each course on the system, students will be granted a certificate by Google (Google Career Certificate). In which, 2 courses are recommended to be completed first: Data Analysis and Information Technology Technical Support with supporting documents in Vietnamese.

The average time to complete a course and get the Certification is 6 months (10h/week/course). In order to join the course, learners have to be passionate about the course topics and have sufficient English skills to understand and complete the course. The courses are developed and taught by a team of reputable Google experts. Students will learn online on and focus on self-study and practice.

The program is great opportunities for PTIT’s students to improve their professional knowledge, practical skills, English proficiency and soft skills, which will create the advantages for internship and job application. Besides courses sponsored by Google, every year, PTIT’s students also receive free study programs, talented scholarship programs from big technology corporations such as Samsung, Motorola Solution…