1. Admission Targets:


Name of Study

Sector Code Test Block Admission Targets
Hanoi Campus

Ho Chi Minh Campus

 1 Information Technology D480201 1.    Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

2.    Mathematics, Physics and English

620 180
 2 Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering D520207 420 180
 3 Information Sercurity D480299 200 70
 4 Electronics, Electrical Engineering D510301 210 120
 5 Multimedia Communication D320104 1.    Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

2.     Mathematics, Physics and English

3.     Mathematics, Literature and English


 6 Multimedia Technology D480203 210 80
 7 Business Administration D340101 180 60
 8 Marketing D340115 120 60
9 Accounting D340301 180 80


    2.220 780

2. Admission Information

– Scope of Admission: Nationwide
– Exam date: 3, 4, 5 July 2016
– Admission scores are based on the registered major
– Principles in consideration of admission: selecting from high to low test scores in the high school graduate exam.

3. Time and Location

– Admission time: August 2016
– Receipt location for the dossier:
Ha Noi  Branch: Admission Section-Department of Education
Km10 Nguyen Trai Road, Ha Dong District, Hanoi City
Tel: 04.33528122.  Fax: 04.33829236
Ho Chi Minh  Branch: Department of Education and Science Technology
No. 11 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 08.38297220.  Fax: 08.38295092

4. Finance

– Tuition fee: 395.000 VND/credit

– Scholarship: 50 – 100% for students with high test scores.

5. Regime and Condition for students

– All students after enrolling at the Institute will be guaranteed in terms of system of preferences and policies as prescribed by the State.
– Students after entering school will be trained under advanced training program with the systems of auditorium, practice – experiment rooms and modern technologies. In addition to class time spent on  listening to the teacher ‘s guideline on research and study, students has a chance to read at the library as well as access to high-speed Internet at Internet Plaza at the Institute to learn new knowledge and technology in the world for learning and research purpose.
– After admission, students have the opportunity to participate in high quality engineer training programs in Information Technology and Multimedia of the Institute.