Current Students

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PTIT offers numerous opportunities for students to get involved. With over 10 clubs and organizations there is something for every student at PTIT! Being involved provides an excellent opportunity for students to meet new people, learn new leadership skills, and help build an impressive array of qualifications for future career opportunities. Students who get involved in clubs are offered an opportunity to share interests and goals in a non-classroom setting. Clubs at PTIT often serve as a center for social interaction and a forum for the expression and exploration of ideas. Those clubs can be listed as IT Club, Art Club, Volunteering Club, Sports Club and so on. Every student can register their participation in those clubs at Youth Union Office.

PTIT brings students many good chances to develop their personalities also contributes to the society in voluntary programs in remote areas and programs for handicapped people. Also, PTIT in partnership with its industry partners normally hold “Open Day” for good students to discover their future working environment. This experience nurtures their dreams and determinations to have good studying performance at PTIT.