Academic event on “Key issues on Agriculture IoT systems” of ASEAN-IVO Project “Agricultural IoT based on Edge Computing” hosted by PTIT

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On 7 October 2022, the first academic event on “Key issues on Agriculture IoT systems” of ASEAN-IVO Project, entitled “Agricultural IoT based on Edge Computing” was organised and hosted by Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT).

The event is within the program supported by the ICT Virtual Organization of ASEAN (ASEAN-IVO), an initiative of the National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (Japan) aiming at solving the common social challenges of the region by means of information and communication technology.

The event received the valuable attendance from Dr. Hiroshi Emoto, ASEAN-IVO Secretariat, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Quang Anh, Vice President of PTIT, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Ha, Rector of VNU’s University of Engineering and Technology (UET), as well as the project members from University of Technology (UTM, Malaysia), the National Electronics and Computer Technology (NECTEC, Thailand), as well as all other project members participating at site and virtually.


At the event, the project members presented research results achieved from the initiation of the project, with topics of Modern IoT security issues (by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Dang Hai, ASEAN-IVO Steering Committee member and former Vice President of PTIT), Cyberattack detection in IoT networks (by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Linh Trung, Director of AVITECH, VNU-UET), Remote Monitoring Fertigation System (by Dr. Hazilah Mad Kaidi, UTM), Leveraging SDN/NFV based security monitoring system for IoT environments (by Dr. Montida Pattaranantakul, NECTEC), Greenhouse Tomato Production: Technologies and Challenges (by Dr. Nguyen Le Khanh, VNU-UET), Precision Agriculture With Drone Technology (by Dr. Pham Minh Trien, VNU-UET) and Major insect-pests of Solanaceous crop: A case study in commercial greenhouse (by Dr. Chu Duc Ha, VNU-UET).


The academic event was a key milestone for the progress of the project implementation to achieve the project’s objectives of (i) Building an IoT-based smart agricultural system with intelligent edge computing capabilities; (ii) Incorporating effective security measures in the system; (iii) Leveraging the system automation with the employment of robot arms and drones.