PTIT cooperates with Association of Vietnamese Communities in Korea

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In December 2022, delegates from PTIT paid a visit to Korea to meet with organizations, universities and enterprises in Korea.

The visit was organized with the objectives of linking and promoting joint training programs between PTIT and Korean partners, refirming the set relations between PTIT and Korean partners and expanding opportunities cooperations with potential partners in training and research.

The delegation had meetings with Association of Vietnamese Communities in Korea, Vietnamese Students’ Association in Korea, Hanyang Cyber University to discuss the opportunities in joint training programs between PTIT and the potential partners. The delegation also participated the 8th Annual Conference of Young Scientists organized at Seoul Technology University with the participants from Vietnam’s Embassy in Korea and various enterprises. During the conference, PTIT delegates met and discussed with leaders from Vietnam’s Embassy in Korea, Ministry of Science and Technology’s Representative Office in Korea, National Innovation Center’s Representative Office in Korea and enterprises about the potentials and opportunities for PTIT in cooperation with Korean entities. On the same occasion, PTIT signed the MoU with VKLink in cooperation of joint training and research activities.

The trip gained remarkable successes which met all the set objectives and opened opportunities in the near future for PTIT in cooperation with Korean partners, contributing to the efforts of increasing the quality of training and research for the university.

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