PTIT has been equipped with modern learning environments and standard classroom systems in two campuses in the major cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

PTIT has partnered with numerous research laboratories and equipped with a number of large IT & telecommunication firms in Vietnam such as Samsung, and Nokia. Additionally, there are many specialized laboratories and practice rooms for each training sector and research field.

We are proud as a leading university in the Information and Communication sector that the PTIT library is equipped with a computer system and information lookup utility software and houses a vast number of specialized books meeting students’ demands for the advancement of knowledge.

Not only enjoying a modern learning environment, PTIT students also  enjoy campus living, which includes a canteen and facilities  for entertainment  and extracurricular activities. A large hall with the capacity to hold thousands of people and a modern sound and lighting system is the venue of conferences and major events held by PTIT.