EduExam officically got the championship of P-Startup competition 2021

PTIT successfully organized the North Region ICPC programming contest in 2021
Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology will establish the Faculty of Information Security
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After two dramatic and fierce rounds among Top 5 teams, EduExam excelled and won the highest place in the final round – Champion of P-STARTUP 2021.


The following places belong to:

  • Second Awards: Team DROPCM and Team 303 NOT FOUND in the
  • Third Awards: Team SimpleC and Team LIBBOOK
  • Viral Award: Team Past and Present
  • Promising Awards belong to teams: PETTOT, Unishine, HyperBike and VNAchilles, AZ BEAUTIFUL, Sedge Village.
  • Other sub-awards belong to the teams: 3040studio and Snapviet

EduExam is a software system including application or website version that allows to organize exam rooms with unlimited possibilities for candidates. Currently, the project has a realistic simulation product and has had a significant amount of user experience with extremely positive feedbacks.

EduExam system combines monitoring and anti-cheat solutions with artificial intelligence technology and practical solutions such as:

  • Creating student codes (account for candidates)
  •  Organizing an exam room with a list of candidates and test administrators
  • Taking the exam directly on the system in two forms: essays and multiple choices
  • Monitoring the exam through the candidate’s webcam image
  • Using the AI Anti-cheat system monitoring behaviors and sounds during the exam period
  • Marking the exam and export the report of marks quickly.

With the honor of being the Champion of the P-STARTUP 2021 contest, EduExam officially won the opportinity to participate in the final round of the national competition.