PTIT students winning many high prizes at the 30th Vietnamese Student Informatics Olympiad, Procon and ICPC Asia Hanoi 2021

Recently, the closing ceremony and awarding ceremony of the 30th Vietnamese Student Informatics Olympiad, Procon and ICPC Asia Hanoi 2021 took place in Hanoi. PTIT excellently won 01 second prize, […]
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Review of the cooperative activities between PTIT and NAVER in the first cooperation year

From March 2021 to March 2022, the cooperative activities between PTIT and NAVER (Korea) have been implemented with various efforts and noticeable achievements. To assess the […]

The new major of PTIT – IoT technology plans to enroll 75 students in 2022

In 2022, the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT) plans to enroll and train two new majors, IoT technology and Data science-oriented Computer Science. In […]
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Potentials for cooperation between PTIT and Temix Communications Srl (Italia)

In March 2022, at the second meeting at PTIT Hanoi campus, PTIT and Temix Communications Srl (Italia) have discussed the potentials for cooperation to develop with […]